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ANALYZE THIS! Accident Prevention & Mitigation


By: Pedro Mercado, CSHO, SHEP, COSM, CLCS, CRIS, CSSGB, VP of HSE and Risk Management


June 14, 2017


Accident prevention and mitigation

The job hazard analysis is an effective tool to minimize or eliminate hazards and reduce accidents. It is important that we don’t just look at obvious dangers, but make an effort to study simple, everyday things that can go wrong, too. Each job in the workplace should be looked at in detail so that risks can be found in the job process.


It is critical to ask specific questions about the jobs we do. For example:


Why it matters

More than 4,000 workers die from work-related incidents in the United States each year. That’s more than 3 workers in every 100,000. Effective job hazard analysis can reduce or eliminate hazards and keep more workers safe.


Once the hazards have been revealed, the next step is to see what can be done to reduce or eliminate them. Let’s think about these types of solutions:


Remember, a good job hazard analysis can be a giant step toward safety, so taking the time to study risks and find ways to reduce them will benefit everyone. The purpose of a job analysis is not to evaluate job performance but to find hazards and determine ways to reduce or eliminate them.


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