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Occupational Accident Vs Workers Compensation


Workers’ Compensation insurance and Occupational Accident insurance are two of the primary types of insurance that protect employers and employees from the financial consequences of injuries and accidents on the job. And while these two plans function very similarly, there are important distinctions between how the two respond to different scenarios and as an employer it is important to understand the differences the pros and cons of each to ensure you are properly covered. [1]


Occupational Accident Pro’s [1]


Workers’ Compensation Pro’s


Occupational Accident Con’s [1]


Workers’ Compensation Con’s


Workers’ Compensation premiums and Occupational Accident premiums align for certain industry groups.  Ask us for a Workers’ Compensation comparison today. Contact Stephanie Sears at or (214) 646-1654.




[1] U.S. Risk – Breaking Down the Difference Between Occupational Accident Insurance and Workers Compensation:



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