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Built to Last

We partner strategically to provide our clients with the most current and comprehensive solutions available. We build effective relationships that not only expand our network but benefit our clients.


Understanding the importance of creating strategic partners allows us to craft holistic risk solutions through our enterprise approach. Our partnerships are built to last because we put the same effort into them as we do our enterprise risk management plans. Value is mutually beneficial.


Carrier Partners

  • Amerisure
  • Blue Cross
  • C.N.A.
  • FCCI

  • Guardian
  • Hartford
  • Liberty Mutual
  • Texas Mutual
  • Travelers


Service Partners


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“We have been a client of IBTX for a number of years and repeatedly find them to represent the industry in the highest ethical manner. Each person we work with in all departments exudes knowledge above and beyond any company we have ever worked with. They all respond to every need in a timely fashion and always offer accurate and helpful advice. We expect and look forward to a lasting, cohesive relationship with this outstanding company.”Rasa Floor