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Dealing with a Surprise Bill after an Emergency Room Visit


05/14/19 – It has become common practice for emergency room physicians to be out-of-network. It has been estimated that one-half of all emergency room claims are out-of-network and one-in-three visits results in a “surprise bill.” [1] This situation has recently been brought to the forefront by the dispute between BlueCross BlueShield of Texas (BCBSTX) and Texas Medicine Resources (TMR), a group of emergency room physicians.

It was announced on April 15, 2019 that TMR doctors would no longer be in network with BCBSTX at any Texas Health Resources hospital emergency room. [2] Texas Health Resources Hospitals and their staff physicians are still in the BCBS PPO and HMO networks.

TMR is a group of emergency room physicians contracted with THR Facilities. TMR has issued a statement that they will not balance bill BCBSTX members who come to one of the Texas Health Resources emergency rooms. [3]

While this announcement caused widespread panic and concern from those enrolled in BCBS medical plans in North Texas, it is by no means anything new. TMR is currently out-of-network with other carriers such as Cigna.


What does this mean to the consumer?

If an enrolled member visits one of the emergency rooms staffed by TMR or other out-of-network physicians group, even though the emergency room is in an in-network facility, they will most likely receive a balance bill from the physician’s group. Receiving a bill from both the facility and the treating physician in an ER visit is nothing new. However, being billed above what the insurance carrier agrees to pay, is relatively new and results in what’s known as a “surprise bill” for the member.

Currently the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) offers help to consumers who receive a surprise bill over $500. TDI will facilitate negotiations between the provider and the carrier to settle the outstanding balance. The consumer can apply for mediation by completing a form and submitting to TDI.

Due to the skyrocketing number of cases (4,500 in 2018) being sent to TDI in the last year, new legislation is being worked on at the state capital in Austin that will take the consumer out of the middle. The bill passed the Senate and now is being reviewed in the House.


Senate Bill 1264 would…: [4]


What can you do to help prevent receiving a surprise bill?


What to do if you receive a surprise bill? [5]


BCBSTX and TMR Updates


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