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IBTX Retirement Solutions


The IBTX Retirement Exchange Solution


Powered by our partners at TAG & Transamerica we can offer a retirement exchange that is structurally sound, successful, and financially responsible! With our teams taking on the majority of plan administration and compliance, you’re free to focus on improving your business knowing we have your back.


The Retirement Solution is built with 5 specific issues in mind:

  1. Easier to administer 401(k) Plans
  2. Compliant 401(k) Plans
  3. Substantial and Well Known Providers
  4. Protection from Fiduciary Liability
  5. Reasonable Costs


Think this may be the solution for you? Check out our library of resources dedicated to this new solution:



Questions? Think this may be the solution for you? Reach out to our IBTX Wealth Management team to learn more or get started today!