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Crane & Rigging


Crane & Rigging


Crane & Rigging Risk Management

With over 100 years of combined industry experience, the IBTX Crane & Rigging team understands the needs of crane clients and the risks they face on a daily basis. The IBTX Crane & Rigging team develops and executes custom-tailored risk management programs.


Insurance Program & Contract Management:

IBTX Crane & Rigging Programs

  • Detailed coverage review of current insurance policies with an executive briefing outlining our findings and recommended improvement
  • Implementation of a specialized insurance program designed specifically for crane and rigging clients
  • Contract management, negotiations, and compliance
  • Enhancement of work ticket terms and conditions (specifically insurance requirements and indemnification)


With IBTX, you have a strong team, who understands your needs and concerns, in your corner ready to support you in managing your risks.


Risk Mitigation & Loss Prevention Services:

Crane & Rigging Services


Case Studies:


Learn how IBTX can help your business’s risk management strategy.

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