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Business Insurance


IBTX takes your business risk seriously.

We leverage our subject-matter professionals to ensure you receive the best business insurance coverage options and expertise available. IBTX evaluates your risk exposures to develop a holistic risk-prevention strategy and insurance plan to combat the threats you may face.

Our team carefully considers your coverage strategy. We actively engage with insurance carriers and service providers, minimizing your total cost of risk. Through prevention, mitigation, transferring, financing and assumption, our unique plans can help you maintain current and future expenses for profitable operations.

We take pride in helping you get the most out of your insurance strategy. Our ability to quantify data to readjust your plan, when necessary, gives clients confidence in our diligent process, which plans for the worst and sets you up for success.



IBTX Specializes in Business Insurance Services & Coverages including:

  • Risk Reduction, Avoidance & Advocacy
  • Professional Insurance Strategies
  • Property & Casualty Contingency Planning
  • Data Breach & Privacy Coverage
  • Executive & Financial Risk Contingencies
  • Specialty Risk Services
  • Select Personal Client Group Insurance
  • Project Loss Insurance Options

Download the IBTX Business Insurance Brochure (PDF).


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“I just want to share my appreciation for IBTX’s presentation message and style during our company’s open enrollment meetings. It has been the most informative and non-chaotic open enrollment sessions we have had in a very long time…perhaps ever! Thank you for your professionalism, approachability, and partnership.”– Rasa Floor