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Health and Benefits


IBTX goes beyond the standard to support your employees and your business.

To better understand a business and offer expert guidance on employee health and benefits, IBTX provides a designated service team to each client. We work in tandem with executive members and HR managers to provide a budget-conscious employee benefits program that can include medical, dental, vision, disability, life and more. At IBTX, we help draft and implement new health & benefits plans into organizations for a seamless transition for employees and HR departments.

From planning to enrollment, IBTX focuses on covering your workforce and goes beyond typical services to offer consulting throughout the year. Our teams also proactively work to cultivate long-term relationships with notable insurance carriers to ensure you receive the best coverage for the best price. As further support, we evaluate and readjust plans, if necessary, to ensure programs meet government regulation each year.


health-and-benefits-bodyIBTX Specializes in Health and Benefits Services & Coverages including:

  • Carrier Negotiation
  • Employer Funding Strategies
  • Healthcare Reform Consulting
  • Educational Seminars
  • Employee Education and Enrollment

Download the IBTX Health and Benefits Brochure (PDF).


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“Lily of the Desert”

A growing workforce can pose challenges, and retaining that workforce can be even harder. For the team at Lily of the Desert, this meant finding a strong benefits package that fit the needs of their diverse workforce. The IBTX team committed to ensuring each person knew they had a rapid, dependable benefits support system at their backs. Watch their video to see why we treat our client family the IBTX way.



“Tarrant County’s Credit Union”

Treating our clients as an extension of our team is just part of the way we do business. For the team at Tarrant County’s Credit Union, it means treating their concerns and challenges as if they were our own, and being there to help right away when surprises appear. Watch this video to see why we do business the IBTX way.



“Park Cities Presbyterian Church”

Budgeting for benefits can be tricky, but it doesn’t have to result in a weak benefits package. For the team at Park Cities Presbyterian Church, this meant trusting that their transfer into a captive program was not only seamless, but a change that ensured their employee benefits were competitive while remaining financially manageable and consistent. Watch their video to see why our longtime partners trust us to handle business the IBTX way.


Additional Testimonial

 “IBTX Risk Services is our ISNET World partner. Navigating through the system and requirements presented challenges that were easily overcome by the coordination and facilitation provided by our IBTX partner.”Ulterra