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IBTX Automated Bonding Portal



Surety Bonds that Write Themselves


Powered by our partners at Propeller, IBTX has automated the process of securing a surety bond electronically. A full selection of bonds in the state of Texas is easily accessible from IBTX’s Automated Bonding Portal. With no hassle, no delays, and an easy payment process, this is a low-touch, simple alternative to traditional bonding.


Find Your Automated Bond Today


No Hassle

Instead of wasting time with paper forms, long approval processes, and clunky communications with underwriters, complete the whole process online, in an instant.


No Delay

Simply enter your details and review the quote. As soon as you accept the terms and enter your payment details, the bond is issued.


No Effort

Eliminate the struggle of manual processing normally involved in the bonding process. You, IBTX, and the Underwriter can seamlessly communicate and stay informed automatically on the platform.


The Propeller Process

  1. Access the online portal, select your bond, and enter the required information
  2. Submit your application for instant approval
  3. Make your easy payment by credit or debit card
  4. The bond is issued and the bonding document is emailed to you, and the obligee



“I just want to share my appreciation for IBTX’s presentation message and style during our company’s open enrollment meetings. It has been the most informative and non-chaotic open enrollment sessions we have had in a very long time…perhaps ever! Thank you for your professionalism, approachability, and partnership.”– Rasa Floor