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FMMA Second Quarterly Meeting

Featuring Seth Denson


What have we learned from the slowdown of hospitalizations alone? What happens post COVID-19 in our attempt to return to “normal?” Seth Denson will help answer these questions as we reimagine a healthcare system post COVID-19 where self-funding may be the answer.


If you missed the FMMA’s last quarterly meeting with Dr. Marty Makary, don’t worry, you’ll have another opportunity to join the conversation about solving our healthcare crisis at their second quarterly meeting on Wednesday, June 24, 2020!


The San Antonio Free Market Medical Association presents Seth Denson, Corporate Consultant and author of The Cure: A Blueprint for Solving America’s Healthcare Crisis.


An expert market analyst, entrepreneur, and consultant to both private and public companies with a finance background, Seth Denson, often called the “Modern-day Lorax,” by reporters, has a wide reach. With many televised appearances on CNN, NBC, ABC News, Fox Business, and regular appearances as a Fox commentator on healthcare, it is clear he has a pragmatic approach about how to solve the healthcare crisis outlining the specifics of what is feasible for our country.



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