Risk Management: Part 2 of a Series - The Risk Analysis Process

Safety & Loss Control

By: Pedro Mercado


“People overestimate their ability to influence events that, in fact, are heavily determined by chance. We tend to be overconfident about the accuracy of our forecasts and risk assessments and far too narrow in our assessment of the range of outcomes that may occur.”

- Kaplan & Mikes Harvard Business Review June 2012

Risk Management: Part 1 of a Series


By: Pedro Mercado

Most of the businesses that I partner with survived the Great Recession between 2007 and 2009, albeit a bit scarred and bruised. It was common to see companies become obsessed with insulating themselves from what may have been seen in better days, as opportunities. They began to proceed with more caution than ever before; but there is a flip side to that coin...

Investing in the Future

Wealth Management

By: Kelly McGrath


According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), more than 40% of businesses never re-open after a disaster, and for those that do only 25% are still operating after a year. [1]

Where Human Capital Management and Risk Management Align

Human Resource Services

Having the right people in the right role is critical to the success of your business enterprise, and your human resource (HR) representative or department plays a vital role in the investment and placement of human capital. Why? Because the people factor is the driver of your business. Moreover, people are an organization’s most critical asset.  If we care about the sustainability of our organizations, we must care about the people who make it sustainable.

2018 Angel Capital Association Leadership Workshop


The IBTX team had the pleasure of attending the 2018 Angel Capital Association (ACA) Leadership Workshop on November 6 - 8, in Irvine, California.  The event unique to the ACA members and leaders of the organization. With an agenda filled with valuable information and learning opportunities, the conference provided a deeper look into advanced topics for investors and plenty of networking opportunities with angels throughout North America.


Using Technology to Tackle Payroll, HRIS & Benefits

Health & Benefits

When it comes to payroll, employee management, and benefits administration, having the right tools that have 100% of the functionalities YOU need is a dream that rarely comes true.  We can assist with vetting through options that work best with your accounting software, human resource guidelines, and business operations.  We have partnered with a few platforms that can do one or all of the jobs you require your payroll and benefit administration software’s to do, and our hope is that we can arrive at or at least dangerously close to that “100%.”

The New Hire Process


While many times hiring a new staff member means bringing in a person with prior knowledge and experience of the job you have hired them to do, they will still need help learning the daily routine of your office culture and operations. However, you may be hiring someone with little to no work experience up to this point. Perhaps they’re a new college graduate, an employee coming out of a large position change, or even someone simply moving into a higher position who needs a bit of help figuring out how to go about what they are expected to do day-to-day. This brings us to the point that best shows a need for a comprehensive new hire process; no one, unless they are moving positions internally, will truly understand the expectations for the position and company culture from day one.

Fiduciary Planning: A Checklist


We are an advocate for our clients providing clear and comprehensive advice, emphasizing plan education, risk mitigation and plan growth in order to meet our clients’ long-term objectives. We understand that business owners are busy running their companies and not in the business of running a retirement plan. The Department of Labor has come down hard on retirement plans with new rules and regulations, putting more liability on the business owners and plan sponsors. Our goal is to not only create a healthy retirement plan for employees, but to also protect our plan sponsors from unnecessary risk and liability by offering a comprehensive fiduciary outsourcing solution.

Handbooks 101: The Important Questions


Having a properly made and maintained employee handbook can be essential to creating and instilling a strong cultural foundation within your organization. However, too many times, handbooks fall onto the backburner, and who can blame us? When tasks, requests, and paperwork start piling up on desks it’s easy to forget to keep an updated handbook, or worse, pass it off as something to get to when someone, hopefully, remembers to get around to it. Perhaps it’s time to start making handbook maintenance a top priority, it may seem like a small piece of your organization’s culture but remember, this is an employee’s first introduction to what you want the core of your organization to rest upon.

Succeed Risk Management Center


Succeed Risk Management Center aims to tackle the delicate balance between providing new, more effective, ways to manage risk and exposure, while also saving you and your company money. The Risk Management Center allows you to reduce risk alongside enabling employee safety by helping you create effective risk mitigation programs that are both cost-effective and easy to use, ensuring that your dollars go that extra mile.