Exiting a PEO: A Checklist of Considerations

Human Resource Services

While there may be many advantages to hiring a PEO, there may come a time where the PEO is no longer meeting your company’s needs.  As your company grows and changes, there are some common reasons why exiting a PEO might be the right decision.  Several reasons for leaving may include the desire for customization of employee benefits, cost, service, and full control of employee culture, relationships, records, and technology.  Exiting a PEO may seem like a daunting task so it is important to involve the key players of your company in order to have a smooth transition.  You must also take into account time when exiting a PEO, as many changes and systems will have to be operational before the exit. 

Where Human Capital Management and Risk Management Align

Human Resource Services

Having the right people in the right role is critical to the success of your business enterprise, and your human resource (HR) representative or department plays a vital role in the investment and placement of human capital. Why? Because the people factor is the driver of your business. Moreover, people are an organization’s most critical asset.  If we care about the sustainability of our organizations, we must care about the people who make it sustainable.