Faces of IBTX: Brittany Corey



Faces of IBTX: Brittany Corey

Claims Advocate


Brittany joined IBTX in 2016. As a Claims Advocate she reviews and initiates any new claims and then continues to monitor those claims throughout their life on behalf of her client. She then executes Quarterly Claim Reviews based on her client’s needs and provides them with the necessary updates while also assisting with any clerical needs as well. We asked Brittany a few questions about her IBTX experiences, and her responses are below:

Someday is Today


Someday is Today

By: Alex Napier


Leukemia and Lymphoma are two of the most commonly diagnosed forms of cancer in the United States and are both classified as blood cancers. While no diagnosis of cancer is hopeful or bright, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and that light is the people, projects, and investments of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

Faces of IBTX: Alex Napier, Marketing Intern


Alex joined IBTX as an intern for the marketing department this summer. As this has been his first real-world experience with the world of marketing, Alex has been happy to help the department with every aspect of what the job entails.


Workplace Violence: Awareness and Prevention

Safety & Loss Control

By: Alex Napier

On Your Best Behavior: Behavior-Based Safety

Safety & Loss Control


By: Pedro Mercado, CSHO, SHEP, COSM, CLCS, CRIS, CSSGB, VP of HSE and Risk Management


Use behavior-based safety effectively

Behavior-based safety helps determine why at-risk behavior occurs on the job and the steps necessary to change at-risk behavior into safe behavior. This method uses observation and feedback to encourage and reinforce safe behavior.


Behaviors selected for observation must be:

ANALYZE THIS! Accident Prevention & Mitigation

Safety & Loss Control

By: Pedro Mercado, CSHO, SHEP, COSM, CLCS, CRIS, CSSGB, VP of HSE and Risk Management


Accident prevention and mitigation

Faces of IBTX: Denise Stahl


San Antonio, TX – Receptionist / Director of First Impressions

One of our longest-tenured employees, Denise has been with the agency since 1993.  She is the person behind that friendly voice you hear when calling our main phone lines or visiting our San Antonio office.  Her fantastic client customer service is the forefront of her duties, but she is also a great team resource.

Life Insurance Policy Audit – Are you paying too much?


By: Drew Watson, Risk Advisor, Wealth Management Services

Given that life insurance is a financial product, it should be managed accordingly and periodically evaluated against current market rates.  We have seen declining interest rates over recent decades that have caused significant underperformance of permanent life policies.  As a result, these policies are underfunded and now require increased premium to keep the policies in force. 

Faces of IBTX: Wendy Rhoden


Wendy Rhoden has been with IBTX since 2014 and has proven to be a valuable asset.  As an Account Executive in the commercial property and casualty department in our Irving office, she supports the IBTX team in both a sales and service role.  She considers herself a Customer Relationship Manager by effectively communicating and educating our clients regarding their insurance and business needs and discussing how they can be enhanced and improved upon with IBTX’s services and solutions.

IBTX Strengthens Benefits Team with Newest Team Member: April Bruce



SAN ANTONIO, TX - As an Aflac Representative, April Bruce is IBTX’s new in-house Integrated Benefits Specialist facilitating the voluntary benefits for IBTX clients by working cohesively with all team members to help develop and customize the best products and packages to offer each unique business model.