Federal Judge Blocks New Overtime Rule Scheduled to Take Effect December 1



On November 22, 2016, a federal judge issued a preliminary injunction postponing the implementation of the new Department of Labor overtime rules that were scheduled to take effect December 1, 2016. The rules would require overtime for many white collar workers.

Are you at Risk of a Data Breach?


Who is the main target?

Have you ever considered your risk for a data breach?  If you think it’s a crisis that is rare in your industry or organizational size, you may want to re-evaluate the multitude of venues for a cyber or data breach to occur. According to the Symantec 2016 Internet Security Threat Report, construction, manufacturing, transportation & public utilities, finance, and wholesale trade were among the top 10 sectors breached by the number of identities exposed.

Texas Mutual Dividend Notification


IBTX is excited to share the news about the success our clients have had as we work together to improve worksite safety.  The IBTX Enterprise Risk Management Services is a tremendous resource for our clients in reducing job-related injuries, enabling a more productive workforce, and ultimately assisting in a more improved bottom line.  That is one of the many ways in which IBTX is helping clients become EMPOWERED.


OSHA’s New Enforcement and Inspection Protocol FY 2016


Written by: Antonio Arzate, IBTX Safety & Loss Control Consultant

The need-to-know on changes to OSHA’s onsite inspections

Life Insurance: More than Just Family Protection


Life insurance’s primary purpose is widely known. It can help ensure your family is okay financially if you die, but life insurance also has less publicized uses. It can help with estate planning, keep a business running, create more options for charitable giving and even help with long-term care expenses.

Culture Change Begins with the Safety Orientation Session


By: Antonio Arzate, Consultant – Loss Control Services

A safety orientation session should include the following:

Their contributions matter - Begin by helping workers understand their roles and the company’s mission.

Treat them like people - Every individual in the room want to know that he or she is important, and that his/her opinions and experiences are valuable. How is the easiest way to do that? Use their names. By doing that, you’ve treated the questioner as a respected peer, rather than as a student.

Changes Looming for Overtime Exemption Rules


By: Linda Drassen, BSM, MM/HRM, PHR; Director of Operations – Human Resource Services

The Importance of Developing a Safety Culture


By: Antonio Arzate, Consultant – Loss Control Services

Is the safety of your employees important to you? Is the safety of your employees important to their spouse, children, and family? I hope that the answer to the last two questions is an emphatic yes!

ACA Employee Mandate Here to Stay


By: Jennifer Black, Risk Advisor – Employee Benefits

For many businesses, 2015 has brought back the Affordable Care Act employer mandate that was delayed in 2013. Now that we know the employer mandate is not going away, what does a business owner need to know in order to be compliant?

Product Recall Insurance Park of Product Risk Planning


By: Julie Davis, CIC, Risk Advisor – Property & Casualty