Claims Advocacy

IBTX Claims Advocacy Solutions – Building strategies to execute solutions

In the unfortunate event you suffer a claim, your IBTX claims team will be there to assist you. We file the claim on your behalf, following up until conclusion, and communicate with the carrier to ensure each claim is settled fairly, timely and in your best interest.

We work to advocate on your behalf if unforeseen events occur. We make the process as painless and simple as possible, serving as the central point of contact and assisting in the filing of claims, reviewing your coverage and investigating the relevance of the reserve.

The IBTX claims team consists of experienced licensed adjusters who promote problem solving in an effort to provide a win-win for all parties involved. We are here for you, acting as your advocate with the carrier and assisting you with the claims process.

IBTX Specializes in Claims Advocacy Services Including:

  • Claims Reporting
  • Client Communication
  • Scheduled Claims Reviews
  • Third-party Claims Involvement
  • Issue Resolution
  • Accident Investigations

Claims Advocacy

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To report a claim through IBTX, email or call the number below. An IBTX claims representative will be available to assist you.

Phone: 866.883.9995
Fax: 866.883.9996