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Using Technology to Tackle Payroll, HRIS & Benefits


November 30, 2018


Do you need to evaluate your administration technology?

When it comes to payroll, employee management, and benefits administration, having the right tools that have 100% of the functionalities YOU need is a dream that rarely comes true.  We can assist with vetting through options that work best with your accounting software, human resource guidelines, and business operations.  We have partnered with a few platforms that can do one or all of the jobs you require your payroll and benefit administration software’s to do, and our hope is that we can arrive at or at least dangerously close to that “100%.”


Consider these scenarios:

  1. Do you enjoy your current payroll system, but you’d like to find a way to improve your benefits administration?
  2. Looking for a new payroll system where you can choose to integrate HRIS, time and attendance, and/or benefit administration systems IF you want to?
  3. Is your organization changing to where it may be time to think about streamlining technology systems?


With our guidance, we can help you identify the right system to streamline your business at this particular moment in time.  Some of the options we recommend are iSolved and EaseCentral – two great systems that are similar, but different in a few ways.



iSolved works well no matter the employee count.  The implementation fees and monthly costs are competitive or lower when compared to other payroll companies, and depending on the complexity, iSolved has the ability to be implemented for payroll in as quickly as 2 to 3 weeks, meaning you can be running smoothly with little to no down time.


Our experts at IBTX can assist with the iSolved implementation, ensuring a smooth-as-possible process.

The system itself is extremely user friendly, and should problems arise, iSolved’s customer service team is helpful, knowledgeable, and quick to respond.


iSolved also offers solutions beyond payroll including expense management, benefits administration, data integration, hiring and onboarding, time and attendance, and more, all of which can be bundled into a plan that will fit your company’s unique needs.



EaseCentral is a comprehensive benefits administration program that aims to cut down on enrollment times, increase employee engagement with their benefits and provide a user-friendly and easy to setup experience.


EaseCentral is completely online and helps streamline the process of benefits enrollment by allowing your employees directly select and modify their benefits from their personal portal. The program allows you to track your employees’ progress, allowing you to monitor who has started, not started and who has finished their enrollment process.  It also allows you to quickly email employees who haven’t completed their enrollments.


Beyond benefits administration, EaseCentral provides an employee onboarding, payroll integration, time off tracking, and much more. To compliment these options, IBTX’s HR team offers simple services such as employee handbook creation and new hire process planning, allowing you to easily create a bundled enterprise of Human Resource solutions to ensure your company operates at its best.


Want More Information? Call Us

Looking to try and make payroll and employee benefits less of a hassle and more of the benefits you and your employees know it can be? Come talk with us. Our team is happy to help you decide what platform will be most beneficial to your company’s continued growth and will help see you throughout the implementation process and beyond.  We can be reached at 800.880.6689 or

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